Introduction of SAP ABAP

A developer proficient in ABAP’s development environment and programming language goes a long way in developing and enhancing the attributes of various functionalities; along with implementing the technical architecture that surrounds the package. This fourth-generation language (4GL) was developed by SAP and is:
•    Utilized for the creation of thousands of tiny embedded programs known as transactions (these are the components of an application). •    An application specific language that boasts of built-in knowledge about application domains. •    Event-driven, well structured, top-down, and powerful.
Getting Started with SAP ABAP
Being able to use ABAP effectively requires more than just knowledge of the keywords. To be ready, to begin with, ABAP efficiently you must have a basic knowledge of the architecture of the SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP and some of its powers such as developing on a central server or integrated software logistics (SAP Change and…